Services & Consultations

It is imperative to understand the development of individuals must go hand in hand with development of organizations.

Development of the individual without assessing the organization he/she belongs to may cause an adverse effect of the development effort. That’s the reason ALCG developed programs that address both needs.

Knowing how important development is to the long term success of any business, we look at the process your business has for development. How is it done? How often? Are there any policies, procedures, or protocols in place for development?

We will help you find out what can be developed.

Human Capital Development Programs:

  1. The Leadership Challenge Program
  2. Startup Leadership Program
  3. Coaching Towards Success
  4. Executive Coaching
  5. Psychometric Assessments
  6. Occupational Assessments

Organizational Development Programs:

  1. Organizational Restructuring
  2. Performance Management
  3. Compensation & Benefits
  4. Policies & Procedures
  5. Executive Coaching
  6. Assessment Centers
  7. ROI Consultations

In addition to our regional/international perspective, we possess a deep understanding of the Saudi business culture, which allows us to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies, develop strategic business plans, prepare annual business plans with goals and requirements, and provide business assessment/restructuring and business process reengineering services.