Our Approach

Get all data.Interview employees at all levels. We identify big problems, and review all relevant documents.Discover the organizational direction and strategy.
Identify the biggest threats,find biggest opportunities. Create solutions and best practices to limitthe liabilities and take advantage of current opportunities.
Document all of our findings and distribute to all key personnel who are privy to the information. Create a case study detailing specific causes of liabilities along with specific recommendations of action.
Strategize with the board to determine which recommendations to implement, alter, or abandon.Determine what resources are needed and come up with a specific plan of action.
Work with the board and management team to implement the new solutions. Help create new systems, procedures, and policies to make sure these solutions are carried out 10 out of 10 times.
Review of everything that was done from start to finish. Problems, solutions,key people involved, expectations, and deliverables.
Follow up with organization at two different stages to check status. First follow up will be after 3 months of final report. We’ll make sure that you are getting the most out of the new solutions we’ve implemented, offer suggestions on best practices, and help make any adjustments needed